Low Limit Poker Strategy – Playing Pocket 7’s in NL Holdem

You can play pocket 7’s in no limit holdem and win a lot of money, but is it really profitable? I believe so, and I will tell you why. Read on to find out now.

Pocket 7’s is a hand that you can only get around preflop in cash games. Once you play them, they seem to lose value. Think about the situation though; you raise with pocket 7’s in middle position and everyone folds. You can guess why you raise with them, but the question is do you win playing them?

Without Nets Poker Research:

If you don’t know how to NL Holdem and play pocket 7’s, you probably shouldn’t be playing them. If you raise with them and everyone folds, you are probably making a bad decision. These hands don’t win often, if at all. If you raise with them and lose, you are obviously doing something wrong.

There are a lot of Question marks in your game when you raise with these hands. Can you afford another 15% of your stack? What kind of game are you playing? What type of opponents do you have?

If you are playing at a loose low-limit table, and no one has raised the pot preflop, then I am going to suggest you throw away those Q-7’s and just fold. You probably won’t have a better hand. Sure, you can get lucky, but no one is going to call you if you raise like this (no matter what you bet, including the blinds). You are only going to do this if you really don’t mind not knowing what to do.

Since you are reading this article, you probably want to know what to do. Here you go. Learn low limit NL Holdem today. Never pay money for a book that teaches you how to play profitable poker. You are going to get beat by your own advice. Put the time in. Become a Student. And when you learn the Most Common Mistakes NL Holdem Players make, so will you.

Let’s define what a student is. A student is someone who reads a book and then plays Panen138. The student might be talented, might be good, might do well, but is not going to do as well as she would have if she had read the book and played instead of blindly selecting a hand to go into a pot. Read the book, play at the limit, lose the money, and then read the book again, play at the limit, lose the money. Fold. Do NOT read the book again until you have actually played with the material.

Another thing that you really must do, is Watch the players. When you are watching for patterns and the like, you can see a lot more than you could possibly watch into the future. Everyone has a different style when it comes to selecting starting hands, and even how they play those hands once they hit the flop. Watch the fish, and then watch the sharks. The swimmingly shallow effects of the fish is that they will often go in with a weak hand, and nobody goes in with a big hand. So what do you do when you are staring at a player going all-in with 6-2 off suit? Don’t fall for the trap! You want to represent strength, so you might as well go face value. Just remember that although this guy may mean well, he doesn’t always mean it. Watch him, and then be foam- absorbs all that information.

Random Hands: This is a good one. As I said, you are always going to find something that will work, and it’s random. Just because you flopped three of a kind, there is nothing to tie you to that hand for 100% precaution. Although, to live by the maxim, you should always fold if you are getting 2-1 or better, especially the cases when you have nothing and your opponent calls you all-in with nothing too.