Poker Strategies and Psychology – Top 5 Poker Strategy Tips

Are You Stronger Than You Think?

Have you ever wondered, how strong is the “stronger than you” attitude prevalent in some of the poker players? The common theme is that they just sit there holding their breath, sweat dropping, hand clapping, praying the flop will turn their corner. They scarcely ever turn that corner to “you’re beat” or “you’re sieging”, and when they do, they become extremely unsettled.

Some of these poker players act the moment like they’re monsters, summing it up with the nickname or signifying the room. Others sit like a praying mantis devouring everything in sight, their aggression and headquartered on a rage so consuming that they draw it physically and metaphorically throw it at the screen out of frustration.

Poker Strategies and Psychology – Top 5 Poker Strategy Tips

Some players talk big like lions while others sit quiet and solitary, waiting for the ball to be there to take them off their comfortable pace. When I watch a poker tournament I wonder how many of the players have any sense of humor at all.

5 TNT Spot Funnily Effective Poker Strategies

1) Seven card stud.This strategy is so surprisingly fun to watch for new players. It is also rather straightforward and with a low house edge. Pros tend to take this little technique for granted, and newer players can benefit from it without even thinking about it. Sit back in your chair until the pre-flop and after the flop. Then, reveal your cards. The players who reveal cards early win all ties, meaning you automatically win (in the event of tie, your stakes will be returned to you). For this trick to work, it requires you to keep your hand hidden until the hand is over.

2) It requires patience and discipline. Each player who is in the hand (or who has stayed in to see the flop) has the advantage over the other players, but it’s not like poker so you have to wait for a good hand. This technique is best used by players who have a steady hand and don’t like going for hole cards that don’t give them a good hand, in the event they go for a draw.

3) It works best in tournament poker.I know this is going to sound like a hand you were dealt straight out of a Monopoly money box, but it does have merit. This particular poker strategy works best in no-limit tournaments. Go to Full Tilt Poker or Poker Stars and you will see what I mean. Sites like these put a lot of emphasis on bankroll and they will be more cautious than you expect in giving you free money. In this strategy of picking a hand to go all in, the odds fall into your favor of at least a 70% win ratio in any given hand that you play.

4) It only works if you are dealt cards.This isn’t going to work if you have to pay to see the cards because you are already pot committed. In the event you wish you had a stronger hand and your opponent had a weaker hand, you can manipulate the odds by not betting pre-flop. Unless you go to the River and stuff, you will win richesously by analyzing your hand and manipulating the odds of your opponents.

5) It doesn’t work if your opponent calls.Sometimes your opponents get hotheads and they call your bets all the way to the River. Proposition bets are valuable in the right situation, but if your opponent folds, well, essentially you just won the pot and your caused a lot of by simply by picking up your hand.